Hi all. After a long wet wait the Rhodes park track in Thames is OPEN to club members. So get into Aeroview garden centre Totara (opp track entrance) join up, get your tag and enjoy the track.
Due to the wet season some of the capping we did has washed away. We have applied for more funding to re-cap the track, however this does take some time. Use the track for what it is and enjoy it. Also the lock on the gate is new and can be a bit stiff but it will open with care.

The great people at Aeroview garden centre are helping the club out by making membership’s available during the day so please treat these people with respect.


If you are walking the track and see any loose rocks/stones it would be helpful and appreciated if these could be removed from the track and put inside any of the tyres beside the track. Please don't through them into the grass.

- Memberships, incl Day Keys, are available from Aeroview Garden Centre.

- The track will from time to time be closed due to: too wet, working bee, council requirement, Rhodes Park events or any other reason the members or council deem necessary.  Notification will be via this website and our FB page.



SPECIAL MESSAGE....... currently our club is really strong with some amazing and dedicated people on the committee.  We have many great ideas and some good events planned. 





A message from your supreme leader

With summer just around the corner, we are all itching to dust off our bikes and get back into the saddle.

We (the committee) had planned and have already started maintenance on the club’s riding tracks. I am very pleased with what we have already achieved this early on, however, there is still a lot more we need to do.

So what have we been doing?

Taungatara Forest

  • Started to weed spray the tracks (around 50 Km of them)

  • Installing track (name) signs

We have completed about 50% of the track spraying and installation of the signs. There is also some clearing and reinstatement of tracks to do yet. This is due to windfall, slips/erosion, and logging. We are in the process of organizing some machinery to help with this task. The Club has another working bee planned for 8th October.

Rhodes Park

  • Have weed sprayed all of the tracks

  • Have filled in the dangerous ruts and drained most of the puddles

We now need some good weather to let our track repairs settle so we can roll them prior to re-opening this facility.

What’s new?

The Club has been approached by a local business that is willing to provide resources to assist with maintenance and events. It is early days yet, but hopefully we will be able to strike a deal that will benefit both parties.

I had a phone call the other day from a film company that is about to film a series on trail rides in NZ. They are interested in filming one of our events and also want us to provide a segment on riding skills (that’s me out LOL). There are a few “nuts and bolts” to this deal to be sorted out yet, so I will keep all you future movie stars posted. 

The Club has had approval of the use of more forestry land for dirt bike tracks that is near Thames. At this stage we just don’t have the resources and manpower to develop these areas, which is a pity because being so handy, it would be a cool facility for the club members.




What we need

Man and Woman power.

There is still a lot of things to be sorted prior and during this upcoming session/s. We don’t have a lot of working bees, so we encourage each able member to attend at least one a session. It may be a bit of hard graft, but you get the chance to meet and/or catch up with other members. We have a healthy mix of blood, sweat and tears with banter, bullshit and beers.  If you can’t attend the working bees but want to contribute in some way, please contact us, every little bit helps.

A “Heads Up”, we have a round of the National Enduro Championship that TVMCC will be hosting at Taungatara Forest on or around 11,12th Feburary 2017. It normally takes around 30 people to run such an event so if anyone is willing to help out please let us know ASAP.

Equipment and resources.

The following is a list of gear we use on a regular basis when doing maintenance. If you have any of these items at your disposal that you willing to loan/operate will would like to hear from you.

  • Quad bikes or side by side

  • Spray packs for quads and backpacks

  • Tractor with FEL, mowers, back blades or leveling bars

  • Bobcat

  • Excavator

  • Bulldozer

A BIG thank you

As you all may know by now, Wheels of Thames is shutting their doors. I personally, and on behalf of Thames Valley Motor Cycle Club would like to thank Lester Yates for has support though his business over the years. As I know owning a business is a huge commitment, challenging and at times a curse, however, Lester has always been able and willing to commit his valuable time and resources for the betterment of the club. His help and commitment has seen the club through thick and thin and at all times Lester has conducted himself both ethically and professionally. Lester has now taken a different path in his life (somewhat jealous) and we all wish him and his family well. Lester is a life member of TVMCC and will still remain an active committee member.

I would also like to thank…..

Roger Boese (Boese Landcare) for his generous loan of plant and equipment for track repairs at Rhodes Park

Graham Bridle (Thames Structural Welders) for the donation of fence posts for our signs at Taungatara

Simon and Karen Steffek, Karen is our new Club secretary and is doing a great job. Simon is a great contributor to our working bees (when he’s not rolling down hills).

Our Club committee members for doing a great job and in particular Mike Veal (vice President) and Paul Saunders (Saunders Mitsubishi) for their help behind the scenes work that makes my job a lot easier.

Need to contact us or have any questions?

You can contact me on 027 533 9231, Mike 021 481 301, our website www.tvmcc.org.nz or Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you.


Shaun Mason

TVMCC President




2014-2015 Memberships now available for Rhodes Park facility.

Forms available under "Members" on this site.

Club membership is inclusive of Rhodes Park Facility key this season. 

Join us on



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Inaugural Taungatara Forest quad & side by side Ride 2nd January 2015 :

Great weather, great track, great marking and a great crowd of riders. 

This was followed by our annual Taungatara trail ride on the 3rd Jan 2015. There was a big turn out for this in near perfect condtions. With loops upto 50km there was riding for everyone.

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